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One of the key challenges every business faces is planning for the next fiscal year that includes sales action plans, market segment analysis, competition analysis, planning for growth etc., All of these documents are prepared carefully over several weeks and they go through several revisions before it is published to the board.
accel-Business Planner is a complete solution to automate the process of preparing, publishing such Business Plans and Proposals from start to end. This one of a kind solution provides you with templates to capture and compile needed documents, through workflow process, revisions to compile, collate and publish business plans.
With accel-Business Planner you can easily and effortless create Business Plans, Proposals, and even dynamic periodic (Quarterly, Yearly) presentations.
The Business Planner cuts down the time in more than half that is needed to create, to review and approve, to distribute business plans; the templates provides you the ability to create consistent business plans across all the hotels, and ensures all the data that is needed is captured. It gives you a guided approach for you and your team to build business plans and distribute in a secured way.
Integrated Workflow ensures create, review and approval process is smooth, and the managers who oversee knows exactly where a given document is at any point in time, assisting them to take needed actions. Alerts and escalations indicate if a document is waiting, ready to be reviewed, ready for approval etc.,


Rich set of pre-built templates

Rich set of pre-built templates to capture standard data such as Competition Analysis, Property Analysis, Sales Action Plans.

Pre built


Forms Builder

accel Business Plans Generator comes with a rich set of pre-built templates to capture standard data such as Competition Analysis, Property Analysis, Sales Action Plans. In addition, use Forms Builder to create any number of custom forms to capture additional information as needed. Forms Builder is an easy to use drag and drop interface to create additional forms such as action plan, market analysis, feedback. All the gathered information is stored securely in the cloud, can be summarized or used as is, and collated into the final business plan.

Data Connector

Data Connector to connect to a variety of Data Sources such as Salesforce, Netsuite, Smartsheet and automatically refresh sales, financial data into your business plan.

Data Connector



to create, review and approve documents that forms part of the overall business plan.


Collation to gather, collate all the documents, including external documents, Images, PDF etc.,




Publish feature lets you to publish or distribute approved Business Plans to company staff or external users such as Partners, Investors, and Owners.

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