Data Quality Solutions

Address Correction. Phone Verification. Data Mastering and much more.

Data Cleansing made simple.

Our Zero Coding Data Quality solution reads address, phone number, corrects spelling, formats error and returns back standardized master data instantly. Our solution has pre-built connectors to industry standard USPS, D&B, White Pages, US Gov data, so standardizing and mastering your data are quick and cost effective.

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Postal Service

Standardize your Customer Address for US Postal Service

Standardized Customer Address

Enables Pre-Sorting

Enjoy USPS Mail Discounts

Remove duplicate address

Remove invalid address. Save Money.

Master Customer Data

Master your Customer Data

Standardize Customer Name

Standardize Customer Address

Remove Duplicate Address

Company DataMastering

Company Data Mastering

Standardize Company Name

Standardize Company Address

Remove Duplicate Address

Create Company Hierarchy

Live integration with D&B database

Customer Phone Number

Match Customer Phone Number

Data Validation Clean.

Out-of-Box Data Validation and Clean up

Validate and correct E Mail Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number, SSN, Zip Code etc.,

Big Data


You need to extend our solution - we got you covered. With the open source APIs you are not limited to what we offer. For example, you can add custom data validation or data cleansing rules.

Want to know more about our Data Quality Solutions?

More from Proden Technologies


accel-DS for Data Warehouses

A versatile tool to integrate, blend data from a variety of data sources (such as Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, XML, Text File, Web Services, REST, Streams), to clean and prepare the data for further analysis.
Quality Assurance

accel<>QA for Data Warehouses

Automates Quality Assurance tasks such as data validation, data reconciliation in a Data Warehouse environment to reduce data accuracy and reconciliation issues.

Automation solutio

accel<>QA for Analytics

End to end Testing Automation solution designed for BI/DW environments to reduce data accuracy and reconciliation issues.

BI Model Validation

accel<>QA for OBIEE

Automates Quality Assurance tasks such as BI Model Validation, Regression & Stress Testing, resolve performance issues for BI/DW platforms.


accel<>RA for OBIEE

Release Automation tool for OBIEE and Oracle products enables a one click Release, deployment, audit tracking, server restarts etc.

MS Office

accel<>BI for MS Office

Turns MS Office products into an innovative reporting tool, by pulling data from virtually any Data Sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, Files, HTTP, SharePoint.