AI and Machine Learning Solutions to Fight Fraud

Online Fraud and Money Laundering Solutions

Your Customer’s Online Accounts are a serious target for take-over by cyber criminals. These often not only result in financial loses but also cost the credibility of your organization.

Our cognitive anti-fraud solutions utilizes sophisticated AI and Machine Learning techniques to scan for such threats and alerts you in time to prevent fraudulent activities from happening.


endend solution

End to End Solution - Data Ingestion to Fraud Alerts

From Data Ingestion, Data Preparation and any data clean ups all the way to data mining, generating fraud alerts and distribution, this solution handles them all. This means you have one central system that contains the data, the algorithms and alerts, which in turn helps you to maintain and respond to changes swiftly.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning technology that adapts to new threats

Our fraud prevention solutions uses proven and sophisticated Machine Learning models that helps you to find what triggers fraud and alerts you on time. In addition as add new data, the ML Models help you understand the impact of this new data and how it relates to fraud.

Rule Bases

Rule Based Alerts

In addition to the sophisticated Machine Learning models, you may also configure rules, which is a combination of suspicious events, to trigger fraud alerts. In some scenarios, such as transactions from suspicious countries, from blacklisted IP Address, rule based alerts are very effective.


Online Account Takeover

One of the major area of concern is the online account takeover, in which, the fraudster has taken over a Customer account and attempting to do money out transactions. Our AI and ML models can be trained to detect these actions from mining your data and helps you to prevent it.


Anti Money Laundering

The AI and ML based models can mine your historical data and come up with fraud detection algorithms specific to your industry and your data. Our solution helps you to quickly in matter of weeks, load, analyze, find the trigger points, train and build the right algorithms so you are able to prevent fraud.


Money Out Transactions

More often than not several financial institutions are hit hard by fraudulent transactions originated by fraudsters resulting in both financial loss and loss of reputation. Using our Anti Fraud System one can develop very sophisticated models to analyze historical and current transactions and detect patterns that are hard to detect otherwise.


End User friendly

Our solution is complete in all aspects (i.e) from data discovery, data ingestion, data mining to build the fraud detection algorithms. All these tasks are driven by an intuitive UI, so end users can build these models iteratively, check the results and make the needed adjustments without programming or resorting to IT help.


Fast implementation

This framework has all the components provide as out of box that is needed to build a complete anti-fraud solutions. The pre-built components include connecting to Social Media such as Twitter, connecting to Cloud Servers, E Mail Servers, Databases etc., with zero coding effort.


Fraud Detection Solutions

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Anti-Money Laundering Money Out Transactions Loan Fraud

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