Proden Technologies, Inc., provides consulting services to design, implement and manage Business Intelligence software applications that provide insight into the performance of an Organization, that helps Organizations to make key decisions.

The formula that makes Proden consulting services extremely attractive is the demonstrated expertise on cutting edge technology and the cost effectiveness of the Consulting staff. The founding vision of Proden is to provide cost effective solutions with a very high degree of commitment for quality and on time delivery with one hundred percent customer satisfaction and generate return on investment for employees, customers and investors.

Information technology is now a key component of every firm's competitive posture. With effective information technology you can win.

The transition to the "Information Age" is driven by exploiting the dynamic new capabilities of computer systems and enabling software technologies to provide more of what a business needs to stay ahead and generate profit.

As the technology becomes more powerful and complex, the cost of implementation (Design, implement and maintain) is increasing. Getting the cost of expertise to decline like hardware is now the dominant issue in reducing the total cost of ownership. Proden’s Consulting Services practice is dedicated to provide high quality Services which reduces implementation cost.

Consulting Services - Practice Area

Technologies demanded by current business environment are grouped into practice areas based upon the nature of technology. By doing so we efficiently focus on selected technologies and leverage the expertise gained in this process. Proden Technologies currently maintains the following Practice Areas.

BI / DW Implementation & Customization

Proden Technologies consultants readily bring in wealth of knowledge and expertise in this key segment for your Organization to turn out a successful BI implementation. We have extensive experience in implementing and customizing Business Intelligence Solutions using populate BI Software such as Oracle Business Intelligence, Cognos.

Technology Expertise

Focus Areas

Functional Areas

Industry Focus

Web / eBusiness Applications

Proden Technologies has acquired expertise in building Web / eBusiness systems to complement the Business Intelligence Implementations. Often times, these systems are add-ons to enhance the User experience or peripheral data capture systems to fill the gap that the Business Intelligence platforms cannot accomplish. This serves as a nice edge for Proden over the competition to provide an end to end solution by filling the gaps in existing Business Intelligence platforms.

Also, we have extensive experience in designing and implementing web based, heavy volume systems like Online Sales Systems, Online Procurement Systems, Time Card capture System etc., using scalable and proven technology like Java / JSF and .NET.

Technology Expertise

Functional Areas

Proden Technologies also has extensive experience in developing comprehensive and scalable eBusiness solutions in the following functional areas: