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Stop waiting for IT to give you the data.


After all it is your data and you know it the best. Why wait for IT to give you the data? What you need is a way to bring data from various systems together. accel-DS is one and only such tool that can get you going today, with its Zero Coding, Drag and Drop technology.


No Coding. Just drag and drop.


Our solution brings data together - from every nook and corner - in any format.

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User Friendly

Built for Business / End Users - Spreadsheet Interface

As you build your data set, see results interactively in a familiar Spreadsheet like interface! Use the same Spreadsheet to apply data cleansing Transformations. This innovative solution breaks the Write Code to Extract, Transform, Load and finally View Results traditional ETL development cycle. Built for Business / End Users from grounds up.


No SQL or ETL knowledge needed

Do not know what a Router Transformation is? No problem. With our Zero Coding technology, You focus on finding the data sources and we help you to ingest, integrate, cleanse it in matter of minutes.

Data Sources

Integrate Data from any Data Source

Integrate data from any Database, XML, JSON, WSDL, Streams (Twitter, Sys Log). No coding needed, just drag & drop your data sources.

Web Services

Full support for Web Services, RESTful Data Sources

Ingest data from a Web Service or RESTful API in few simple steps. Just point and click! USPS, White Pages, D&B, REST APIs are available Out-of-box preconfigured.

Big Data

Big Data Integration in minutes

Built grounds up for Big Data, ingest, cleanse and transform data from any data source into Hadoop / Big Data easily. Loads GBs of data from RDBMS and Files into Big Data in minutes. Traditional data types and complex data types such as Maps, Structures are supported as well.

Big Data

Ingest Data from Streaming Services

Built-in wizards to ingest data from streaming services such as Twitter, SysLog in real time eliminates any Java, .NET coding expertise.

Load Data

A variety of Data Load Strategies

Plenty of wizards to cater to your business data load strategies: Full Load, Incremental Load, Slowly Changing Dimensions - SCD Type 0, SCD Type 1, SCD Type 2, SCD Type 3, SCD Type 6, Transpose and many more. These Wizards make accel-DS an ideal tool for Business / End Users.

High Volume Data Loads

Our E-L-T Architecture beats traditional ETL Tools in high volume data loads

Unlike traditional ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools, our true E-L-T architecture exploits the power of a database and its native bulk load features. A traditional ETL tool it takes several hours to load 100+ Million rows, whereas accel-DS loads the same in matter of minutes.



You need to extend our solution - we got you covered. With the open source APIs you are not limited to what we offer out-of-box. For example, you can add a custom Data Source that may not even be JDBC, WSDL or REST compliant. Or, you can create and register your own data load strategy such as hybrid Type 5 SCD!

More Features

More Features

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