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Where the real world is overlaid with information from the digital world.

Space Designer AR

Augmented reality (AR) is not just new and trendy – it can help businesses address the real issue their online customers face, when trying to buy products from their website.

Product Features

Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience

Proden technologies rolled out a new augmented reality feature for retail stores to enhance or promote their business activity by letting their customers to try out the products virtually. Space Designer app helps shoppers to transform their emporium into virtual showrooms, allowing them to see a catalog of products more closely and at every angle as all in their very own space. Space Designer app help customers to visualize an item they want to buy by converting the imagination into reality in a virtual space. Even better, using Space Designer AR, the products customers want to try out can be blended with what (products) they have at home already.

3D 360° View

360 degree View lets the customer to get a complete view of the desired product at all angles simply by dragging and rotating it. The product can be positioned as per the user’s wish as well it suits the existing curtains, carpet, other furniture and does it fits the space. Retailer shows interest in AR, since it works smarter and makes the user to buy the furniture by trying it virtually rather than physically. In 3D, you can walk around the image to see it from different sides, which helps the consumers’ buying decisions. Space Designer also helps them get a visual sense of how the room will look like with the new furniture added. This app projects the furniture or décor in 3D at full-scale, and anchors them to the floor.


Room Store

In-Room or At-Store Experience

Customers can simply install Space Designer AR app and add products from your catalog into their living space. This helps customers to get a sense of what a piece of furniture will look like when placed in their living room, especially along with other furniture, wall color etc. Similarly, customers can bring in a photo of a desired room to your store and place furniture in that room to get the real feeling about a furniture before they buy.

Drag and Drop Interface

Shopping using the Space Designer AR app is very easy and intuitive – Customers can browse the catalog and tap to add a product they like to try. Once placed in Customers’ living space, they can simply drag, rotate and place furniture in the desired location - all before buying the product.

Drag Drop


Real Size Scaling

In Space Designer App, the products are real size and to scale which helps customers to determine if a furniture fits in a tight space without having to take separate measurements. Shoppers can use the Space Designer features to place three-dimensional view of home or office products at living space, and move them around at proper scale to see how they’d look—all before buying the product.

Shopping Cart Interface

Customers can buy directly from Space Designer AR without leaving the App, as they visualize and try out furniture from your catalog. This helps to increase sales as customers need not leave the App.



Payment Gateway

Space Designer AR provides a highly secured Interface with Apple iPay as an out of box solution. In addition, we can help you to integrate our solution with your existing payment system. It helps your customers for simple and consistent buying experiences on the web, mobile and in-store. No interruptions or disruptions; just a smooth, secure experience, every time.


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