One of the key challenges during a BI Implementation even before going live is to gauge the performance of critical reports during peak usage, such as during month end close. This helps the BI Manager to take corrective actions such as fine tuning underperforming reports.

It is critical for the IT to understand the performance behavior early in the stage as often times the solution may not be simple and straight forward. Some of the complex corrective actions may include some design / architectural changes such as creating aggregate tables, creating skinny fact tables or even boosting the Server with more processing and /or memory.

Beyond getting ready for a full scale production, monitoring the performance of the reports under stress (such as peak usage) post production also is considered as a best business practice. Excel<>BI’s suite of Products provides a way to formalize and automate the Stress / load testing process, not just for occasional performance checks, but you can also check the performance of your critical reports on a periodic basis as well.

Configure Stress Tests

With accel<>BI you can simulate several concurrent Users to Stress Test few critical Reports by grouping those reports into a Session or you may stress test the whole BI environment. For example, you can exploit the power of accel<>BI's Reports Generator across the whole model and use that as an input to stress test your whole BI environment. In addition, using this approach, you can gauge the performance of your ad-hoc sessions where you have several Users running ad-hoc queries across your BI Model.

Tightly Integrated with your BI Tool to configure Prompts

accel<>BI is tightly integrated with your BI Software (such as Oracle Business Intelligence) to access the Prompts / Filters. StressIT reads the Prompts / Filters , if any, configured in a Report and provides an interface to pick different filters for each instance of the Stress test which enables you to conduct a true Stress test thus avoiding cache hits.

Stress Test Results

Upon configuration instantly run your reports or schedule to run it periodically to gauge how they perform under stress. Stress test results are conveniently displayed in an integrated Dashboard.