An Organization’s BI implementation success is defined not by whether the solution is available and able to generate reports, but it is determined by user adoption and only by user adoption. This is the key indicator for the success of any BI implementations such as Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE). And the key to User adoption is the Quality of the deliverable (reports). If you can assure Performance and Data Accuracy User adoption is guaranteed.

Often times, even reports that are otherwise useful to understand the performance of an Organization, to make key decisions are not usable as they fail the quality criteria. accel<>BI solves this problem by putting a formal process in place to assure Performance and Data Accuracy during and post implementation of your OBIEE implementations.

accel<>BI’s AccuSource technology helps you to configure end to end data accuracy by comparing the data in the Source Systems against the BI Report. And, comparing the Source data against the end product, which is the BI Report, is the only way to assure the data accuracy. This is much preferred and foolproof than comparing your Source System data against the Data Warehouse which is only the middle tier, as your BI Model and BI Reports may contain relationships and business rules encoded which could introduce errors.

A New Approach to Quality Assurance

BI Systems are unique in the sense, it has flow of data from Source Systems to Data Warehouse to BI Reports; and data gets refreshed on daily basis if not more frequently. This is entirely different from a Transactional system. This means that a conventional testing tool will not be of much help. We have recognized this fact and created a unique approach to quality assurance that is specific to BI Systems.

accel<>BI’s Quality Analyzer recognizes various layers that makes up the end product and lets you to configure test scenarios for each layer (Source, Data Warehouse, BI Layer) and executes these scenarios to pinpoint where exactly the problem has occurred as shown in the validation result picture here. This approach makes a tremendous difference as an analyst can directly get to the layer that has reported an issue rather than tracing back several steps to find where the problem lies.

Configure Quality Metrics

accel<>BI’s powerful Quality Analyzer lets you conduct Quality Analysis such as Performance Analysis, Source Validation and Regression Testing your OBIEE Dashboards. You will also be able to setup Threshold values to track a Report’s performance over a period of time. accel<>BI provides numerous ways to validate the BI Reports such as validate the data at the summary level or compare row by row, cell by cell even in voluminous Reports using a powerful Lookup feature thereby drastically cutting QA effort and improving Quality and Time to Market.

Tight Integration with OBIEE

accel<>BI provides a tight integration with Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) making it an efficient and specialized Quality Assurance tool just right for your BI Projects. For example, it provides an interface to directly interact with OBIEE Presentation Catalog to choose reports that you want to include in your quality analysis. accel<>BI also detects Prompts in a report and it even lets you choose from a list of values to supply prompt values.

Access Prompts from OBIEE and supply values within accel<>BI

accel<>BI also detects Prompts that are created for a report in OBIEE and it even lets you choose Prompts from a list of values (rather than typing values). You can even save multiple Prompt values which is very useful for conducting Performance Analysis with multiple virtual users.

Regression, Unit Testing

accel<>BI lets you create unlimited Test Cases made up of Test Units to validate your BI Reports. These test cases can be configured to automatically validate the BI Reports against the Source to truth of your choice, be it an existing business report in Excel format, statically entered business data as part of the test case or data available in a Source System. Source System data can be retrieved using SQL and used as part of your test cases.

Layered, End to End Data Validation

accel<>BI’s AccuSource technology helps you to ensure end to end data accuracy by defining Layers - Source, Data Warehouse and BI Layers. This approach streamlines the Quality Assurance process with respect to ensuring data accuracy - by comparing the data in the Source Systems against the Data Warehouse and BI Report. This approach of comparing your Source System data against your other layers not only keeps the testing process simple but also helps to pin point the root cause for any data inaccuracies. For example, accel<>BI's Quality Analyzer can exactly tell if the data inaccuracy is at the Data Warehouse Layer or BI Layer and thus help you to get to the bottom of the problem quickly.

Quality Analyzer - Results in a Unified View

accel<>BI’s Quality Analyzer, provides a unified overview of the various Quality Analysis tests you conduct. You can conduct Model Validation, find a Report's Performance, perform Regression tests, validate report data against the Source Systems and view the results in one single screen (please refer to screen shot above) and further drill down as well to research any report that failed the Quality Tests.

Quality Analyzer under Auto / Unattended Mode

accel<>BI’s complete solution, including Quality Analyzer, can be scheduled to run in auto mode. Under this mode, you can configure the required Quality Analysis options (such as Performance Analysis, Source Testing) and schedule to run a group of Reports periodically, for example, once a day, once a week etc., In addition, accel<>BI is powered to pick up business reports for each month automatically even as the report name changes each month, thus providing a true auto / unattended function.