One of the key phases in any BI implementation is building your Business Intelligence Model. In Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) this is called as an RPD that consists of Physical, Business and Presentation Layers. During your BI implementation phase and then after during enhancements your Business Intelligence Model goes through several changes, enhancements and fixes.

After each change, the best practice would be to thoroughly check your model for validity of physical and logical relationships, the changes to the Model did not break anything, and even check if the underlying Data Warehouse Tables are intact.

This exercise becomes a laborious, time consuming, could become more pronounced as the Model grows in size and complexity. accel<>BIís Model Validator can alleviate this problem by automating the Business Intelligence Model validation process. Our innovative Model discovery process reads your BI Model to analyze the Facts, Dimensions and the underlying relationships and documents them. Subsequently, this System generates analytics across your Model and executes them and checks for any errors, thereby determining the validity of the Model.

The Discovery Process

accel<>BI's innovative Discovery process analyzes the underlying BI Model, looks for STAR Schemas and relationships to instantly validate your BI Model after every major updates or enhancements, or after deployment and migrations from one instance to another instance you could instantly re-validate your BI Model.

Generate Reports across your Model

You can configure accel<>BI to generate reports across you Model and at the same time limit the number of reports generated for a Fact and Dimension combination. accel<>BI uses the generated reports to execute and check for any errors, thereby determining the validity of the Model.

Model Validation Results

Instantly validate your Model by generating and running reports across your model. Model validation results are conveniently displayed in an integrated Dashboard.