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Release Automation

Release Magic, the Release Automation Tool, completely automates and streamlines the deployment of enterprise applications such as OBIEE. This is a Workflow driven process that creates a complete chain of events starting with creating a release, managerial approval, deployment by an administrator, IT and User testing etc.,

                The deployment process includes backup of essential objects, deployment of RPD and Catalog to the destination server, server restarts, clearing cache etc., Release Magic can be configured to perform these tasks repetitively on several OBIEE instances such as DEV, QA, UAT and Prod with the click of a button.

A typical deployment process includes the following events and Release Magic can automate all these events and more.

    • Create a Release
    • Approval by a Manager
    • Deployment by an Administrator
    • Testing conducted by QA Team
    • Release it to Users

Please see the section below for a list of features and benefits.



In-built Workflow

Makes the Deployment process quick and easy

One-click Deployment

Saves time incurred in manual deployments

RPD and Catalog backups

Eliminates errors during deployment

Deploys RPD and Catalog

Discovers new and modified Catalog objects

Server re-starts, clears cache

Complete Audit tracking

Small footprint, easy install (installs as a Weblogic App)

Helps you to track Releases – Dates, Objects Released etc.,

No missed objects, thanks to the discovery tool