accel <> QA


accel<>QAs accuSource technology helps you to ensure end to end data accuracy

This approach streamlines the Quality Assurance process with respect to ensuring data accuracy - by comparing the data in the Source Systems against the Data Warehouse and BI Report.

Management Reporting made easy


This approach of comparing your Source System data against your other layers not only keeps the testing process simple but also helps to pin point the root cause for any data inaccuracies.

BI Reports


accel<>QA lets you create unlimited Test Cases made up of Test Units to validate your BI Reports.

Report validation


These test cases can be configured to automatically validate the BI Reports against the Source to truth of your choice, be it an existing business report in Excel format, statically entered business data as part of the test case or data available in a Source System.

No coding required


accel<>QA's Quality Analyzer can exactly tell if the data inaccuracy is at the Data Warehouse Layer or BI Layer and thus help you to get to the bottom of the problem quickly.



  • Build accel<>QA using a variety of Multiple Data Sources.
  • Multiple data sources like Oracle, SQL Server, Flat Files, MySQL, HTTP, OBIEE Reports and more.
  • Using Lookup validation type & other validation types validate your data in few minitues with 99.99% Accurate.
  • Eliminate Single Data Source configurations.
  • View console with Table format & Download Option.
  • Easy to create multiple Test cases & units.



  • Ideal for Executive / Management reporting.
  • Supported Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, Files such as Excel, Text, HTTP & OBIEE Reports.
  • Brings in data from virtually anywhere.
  • Capitalize on existing reports inventory.
  • Saves days in preparing Test Cases & Data validation.
  • No coding required