accel<>enV for Data Warehouses

One of the unique value proposition delivered by accel<>BI in terms of reconciling the data among various related instances is its ability to connect the dots and present a complete picture. accel<>BIís Source Validation tool helps you to configure and run validation scripts in Source, Data Warehouse and BI to pinpoint the problem areas. accel<>BIís validator can be scheduled to run these scripts periodically to precisely find the issue and where the issue is found, such as Data Warehouse or BI Layer.

For example, you can configure one Script to validate the Source Data against the data in the Data Warehouse after an ETL is done periodically, thus ensuring data accuracy between your Source and Data Warehouse layer. Also, you can configure another Script to validate the data in the Data Warehouse against the BI Report itself, thus completing a full cycle. Now, when this script is run periodically, you can pinpoint any data issues to a specific system such as the Source System or Warehouse or the BI Report.