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In one’s mind, there is no doubt that Business Intelligence is one of the key components of corporate strategy to sustain and grow. Despite the fact that Business Intelligence tools, solutions and the path to get there has come of age, there are key challenges that hinder successful BI implementations. BI implementations success is defined, not by whether a solution is up and running and able to generate reports, but it is determined by user adoption and only by user adoption. This is the key indicator for the success of a BI implementation. Having defined success, let us review the issues that stops us from getting there from the challenges faced in the past.


Too many Requirements: Every requirement that is important are gathered and tried to implement within the Business Intelligence framework. For example, some of the high volume long running transactional reports although important for a User segment may not even belong there. So scoping is done purely based on how important the requirement is without considering the suitable for BI factor


Too complex to implement, found too late in the process: The business process is so complex and thus data is not captured consistently as the source system evolved as the business grew. Now, the only solution is to re-engineer the business process and redesign the source system to get a clean data to report on.


Data Quality: Data is not captured consistently, which in most cases is not due to lack a sound system design but due to the fact that new business processes where introduced as business grew and diversified. Due to this, source system evolved not in an organic or in a most efficient way but in a way to meet the business demands in a timely manner.


All of the above strongly suggests that the approach should be to engage the Business at a very early stage and have them try a real life pilot solution to carefully assess above mentioned issues and provide feedback to IT to take corrective action promptly. Having said that, the key issue here is Time to Market: How to create a pilot solution that does not take months to deliver.

's Rapid BI Development Approach

accel<>BI is the one and only solution in its kind built exclusively to address the issues around Time, Quality, and Accuracy as described above. The approach is to provide a platform to instantly present the analytical solution to both IT and Business in this order to assess the choice of reports, functional areas to focus (in scope) and effectiveness of the overall solution much early in the life-cycle.

Build. Build your BI Model based on original scope. Use accel<>BI Model Validator™ to validate your model instantly instead of days.


Preview. Build a representative set of reports across your Model, let Users preview it and gather feedback. accel<>BI Discoverer ™ will do just that by instantly generating a Starter Reports Set for ready pilot deployment directly into Oracle BI.


Extend. Gather User feedback on reporting scope, validate data and make needed adjustments. As you extend this solution iteratively accel<>BI Quality Analyzer™, unlike other QA tools, integrates tightly with the Oracle BI to constantly and instantly validate against the Source System (such as Oracle EBS) and even against existing reports.


Deploy. Once Quality is assured move into full scale deployment. With accel<>BI HealthCheck ™ you can constantly monitor health of your reports in terms of availability, data accuracy, performance under stress etc.

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