Data Integration Solutions




accel<>BI for Data Store Use this tool to view and manipulate the Tables created.

A versatile tool to pull data from a variety of data sources (such as Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, XML, Text File, HTTP, Web Services), to clean and prepare the data for analysis.

Management Reporting made easy

accel<>BI for Data Store lets you create full-fledged internal and external reports such as Annual Sales Reports, P&L, Balance Sheet in PowerPoint by directly accessing enterprise systems, databases.

Pull data from Tables, Files

Sources include most of the popular databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, Files such as Excel, Text, HTTP URLs and even SharePoint. This is pre-packaged with drivers for Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access etc.

No coding required

accel<>BI for Data Store is ideal for users with no or very little programming background such as Sales Managers, Finance Managers and their team. Rather than coping and pasting the data, simply create the templates in PowerPoint and let accel<>BI refresh these templates with data from databases,Text files etc., for you.

Data enabled, refreshable Tables, Graphs.

With few mouse clicks you can create multiple scripts, With data coming from databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MY SQL, MS Access Tables or Files.


  • Build Data Stores using a variety of Multiple Data Sources.
  • Using workflow create scripts + multiple scripts.
  • Eliminate Single Data Source configurations.
  • View console with Table format & Download Option.
  • Easy to create multiple stores, workflows.
  • Clear view for running the workflows & scripts.

No coding required

  • Ideal for Executive / Management reporting.
  • Supported Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, Files such as Excel, Text, HTTP & OBIEE Reports.
  • Brings in data from virtually anywhere.
  • Capitalize on existing Store inventory.
  • Saves days in preparing Workflow Reports.
  • No coding required.

Download a Standard fully functional version of accel<>DS for free!