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A versatile, no-code Data Blending tool integrates your Enterprise and offline data in minutes!

A versatile Data Blending tool to blend data from a variety of data sources (such as Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, XML, Text File, HTTP, Web Services) in minutes. Go beyond just Data Blending - clean, transform and prepare the data for analysis. Absolutely no coding required, ideal for business users.

Data Blending made easy

accel<>DS (Data Store) makes Data Blending so easy and simple to use, in matter of minutes you are able to pull data from your enterprise systems, Excel files, standalone Databases. The Data Blending module provides you with an easy to use, familiar spreadsheet interface to load data from a variety of data sources.

Versatile, Variety of Data Sources

The Data Blending module is versatile, allow you to integrate data from most of the popular databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, Files such as Excel, Text, HTTP URLs, Oracle BI (OBIEE) and even SharePoint. This is pre-packaged with drivers for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MS Access etc.

No coding required

Data Blending tasks are predominantly drag and drop and it is ideal for users with no or very little programming background such as Sales Managers, Finance Managers, Business Analysts and power users in their team. Even better, as you build your blending tasks you are able to see as the data is built letting you visualize it.


  • Build Data Stores / Data Warehouses integrating data from a variety of Data Sources.
  • Create Data Scripts to accomplish data blending tasks.
  • Use Workflow to assemble multiple scripts and execute them as a group.
  • Schedule and monitor Workflows to execute data blending tasks.
  • Familiar spreadsheet interface to load and see data in real time as data is integrated.
  • Built-in data transformation engine for optimal performance.

No coding required

  • Easy to use, business friendly tool.
  • Build Data Stores from a variety of data sources in matter of minutes
  • Maintain Data Stores with ability to refresh data periodically.
  • Visual, No coding required architecture make data blending easy.
  • The Data Blending tool is pre-packaged with popular drivers such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, making it easy to get it up and running in matter of minutes.
  • No coding required.

Performance, Simplicity, Flexibility.

The Data Blending tool is built from grounds up with performance and simplicity in mind. It utilizes the strength of the native databases transformation and processing power. In addition, accel<>DS is bundled with a native data transformation engine as well to provide high performance post blending transformations after data is brought in from different data sources.

Download a Standard fully functional version of accel<>DS for free!